how to improve handwriting skills

Improve handwriting and scissor use skills what is wrist extension

Improve handwriting and scissor use skills with wrist extension

What is wrist extension?

Wrist extension refers to the position of the wrist whereby there is a straight line between the forearm and the hand (similar to holding a tray of food) or the hand is extended backward in a push-up type position.

Wrist flexion refers to the opposite position before you flex your hand forward towards your wrist so that there is a curve in your wrist.

Pictured below, the top image shows the hands in wrist flexion and the bottom image shows the hand in wrist extension.

how to improve handwriting fine motor skills

Why we need wrist extension for handwriting?


We need a stable wrist extension position to be able to write with a pencil for long periods of time, scoop with a spoon, cut with scissors smoothly, etc.


Children who write with their wrist in a wrist flexion position, fatigue quickly, and sometimes complain of wrist discomfort. 


Deep inside the wrist you will find the carpal tunnel. Inside this carpal tunnel is a large number of nerves, muscles, and tendons, that allow your hand and fingers to move. If we put pressure on this carpal tunnel, in a wrist flexion (bent) position, then the potential of the nerves, muscles, and tendons, of the hand and fingers will become compromised.


correct handwriting posture   incorrect poor handwriting posture

Children who hold their pencil with a flexed wrist position, tend to hold their pencil tighter --> fatigue quicker, and typically have more difficulty forming letters.


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