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Play Move Improve

Play Move Improve Movement Program Training Manual 2024

Play Move Improve Movement Program Training Manual 2024

This book was created to bridge the gaps that we're currently seeing for children's development since screen time and social isolation.


📚 Order your copy of the latest Play Move Improve Movement Program Training Manual and bridge some of the developmental gaps that we're seeing at the moment for children's learning, coordination, and self-regulation skills.

As a dedicated teacher, educator, or allied health professional you understand the critical role physical and cognitive development plays in a child's education. But you've likely encountered some significant challenges in the classroom, during play experiences, and out in the yard these last few years:

1. Frustration with Classroom Engagement: Keeping young minds focused and engaged can be a daily battle. Children's poor focus often leads to disruptions in your classroom, making it hard to deliver the impactful lessons and activities that you've prepared. 

2. A Hurdle in Physical Education: Encouraging children to stay active and participate in physical education isn't always smooth sailing. Many students lack the coordination and confidence needed for enjoyable physical activities. This can lead to further challenges with focus, self-regulation and behaviour.

3. Nurturing Self-Esteem and Confidence: When children struggle with coordination and physical skills, it can deal a blow to their self-esteem and confidence. You've likely seen children who hesitate to participate in activities or who feel disheartened when they can't keep up with their peers. It's not just about physical health; it impacts their overall well-being and social and academic growth.


I have created a resource that aims to support you with these 3 challenges.

Introducing the Play Move Improve Movement Program — a comprehensive program designed to tackle these challenges head-on. 


🔍 Inside this Movement Program manual, you'll discover an array of essential developmental skills that I have categorised into gross motor, fine motor, and self-regulation skills. This is the ultimate resource for kindergarten and PE teachers looking to make a significant impact.


🏃‍♂️ The Play Move Improve Program offers a complete roadmap to bridging the current gaps that we're observing in children's gross motor skill development, fine motor skill proficiency, self-regulation, and body connection skills. Enjoy flicking through, or delving deep into step-by-step instructions on every page (174 pages in total).


📈 The self-regulation component is divided into 4 important levels - body connection, interoception, impulse control and movement control.


📈 The motor skill development component is divided into 10 important levels - reflexes, visual tracking, head movement, core strength, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination, crossing the midline, and fine motor skill development.


🏗️ As you navigate each step of this program, you'll build a solid foundation, addressing the current gaps in children's development. From Level 1 to Level 6, our approach empowers you to cultivate their motor skills, self-regulation abilities, and play development, boosting children's confidence with their coordination and learning.


📁 Included with your purchase are valuable PDF files containing ready-to-use activity printables. These resources streamline the process of developing motor skills and enhancing self-regulation throughout the program. Plus, it perfectly complements the "Let's Move" program, offering an even deeper dive into gross motor skill development.


💼 Worried about needing fancy equipment? Fear not! You likely already have most of the necessary materials, such as coloured paper, bean bags, balls, hula hoops, and playdough. You have everything you need to get started!


🌟 Benefits for Your Classroom:

  • Enhanced Focus: Say goodbye to disruptions! Our program addresses poor focus and helps your students stay engaged and on track.

  • Revitalized Physical Education and PMP: Encourage all children to participate with confidence. We bridge the coordination and confidence gap to make physical activities enjoyable for everyone.

  • Boosted Self-Esteem: Watch your students' self-esteem and confidence soar as they develop vital skills, both inside and outside the classroom.


Empower yourself and your students by taking the first step towards a brighter, more coordinated, more focused, more confident future.


🗓️ Start planning this transformative program into your daily routines and transitions, setting your children up for success in 2024 and beyond.


🌐 Order now.


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