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Movement Intervention Program for Children Struggling with Fundamental Movement Skills

Movement Intervention Program for Children Struggling with Fundamental Movement Skills

Transform Your Classroom with the Movement Intervention Program (MIP)

We know you're juggling a lot, and we're here to help.

Introducing our Movement Intervention Program (MIP), designed just for you to support children aged 3 to 10 years.


What is MIP?

MIP is your new go-to resource for boosting motor skills, focus, and self-regulation for children. Based around Australian research (Murdoch University, AEDC, Longitudinal Study of Australian Study), this program addresses the developmental gaps that our screen-saturated kids are experiencing today.


Why MIP is Perfect for Your Classroom:

  • For Kindergarten Teachers: MIP provides activities that help build the essential foundations for self-regulation, focus, spatial awareness, core strength, crossing the midline and balance skills. These activities are perfect for little ones who might be missing out on crucial development due to too much screen time and not enough movement at home.

  • For Primary School Teachers: The program seamlessly integrates into your existing curriculum, offering structured, multi-level pre-reading, literacy and spatial awareness activities that enhance fundamental motor skills, handwriting, focus and self-regulation and prepare your students for more complex physical education activities, as well as being able to pay attention more in class.


Key Benefits:

  • Structured Curriculum: MIP offers a six-level program that progresses systematically, catering to the diverse needs of children. Each level is easy to implement and designed to show noticeable improvements.


  • Boost Focus and Coordination: With activities designed to improve visual tracking, balance, and core strength, you’ll see your students' focus and coordination skyrocket.


  • Support Self-Regulation: Help your students develop the self-regulation skills they need to thrive both inside and outside the classroom.


  • Enhance Pre-Reading Skills: Activities that build spatial awareness and motor skills lay the groundwork for essential pre-reading skills and handwriting, giving children the start that they need for learning at school.


Real Classroom Success:

Many primary schools are already seeing the benefits of MIP. Teachers are using these activities during 'brain breaks' and literacy support sessions, and even older students are leading the way through 'buddy programs.'


Easy to Implement:

MIP comes as a downloadable PDF with easy-to-print activity cards, giving you flexible access and straightforward implementation. You can start using these activities right away without any hassle.


Join the MIP Community Today!

Experience the difference MIP can make in your classroom. Help children build the skills they need to succeed in today's world, counteracting the effects of excessive screen time.


Download our PDFs and activity cards, and join the MIP community for effective, research-backed interventions.


Ready to see significant improvements in children's’ coordination, focus, and learning capabilities?


Join MIP today and make a positive change for children's self-regulation, coordination and fine motor skill development.

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