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Want to know how to connect with children through play?

Robyn Papworth will show you how - click here

Robyn is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, Masters qualified Development Educator, mother of three children, and a passionate advocate for children who have learning difficulties, autism, trauma, and developmental delay.

Robyn's Masters in Disability Studies enables Robyn to develop management plans and goal setting strategies for children with autism, intellectual disability, and special needs.

When you follow Robyn on her social media challenges, you will quickly be introduced to her son Hugh who was born with developmental delay and has been Robyn’s motivator for establishing her business Play Move Improve.

With more than 10 years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist, Robyn designs and implements play strategies and motor skills programs that help children achieve developmental milestones, such as rolling, crawling, manipulating objects, walking, skipping, and balancing.

Through valuable play strategies and movement routines, Robyn uses her expertise and creativity to ensure children work towards mastering the crucial skills that lay the foundation for participation in both school and life, such as handwriting, doing up buttons, participating in physical activity, and other fine motor skills.

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Topics include but are not limited to:

  • How technology is impacting children's learning and development

  • The motor skills that children need for learning and life

  • How to support children who have developmental delay, autism, or trauma in the classroom

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