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31 day kids movement challenge - Only 4 minutes per day

31 day kids movement challenge - Only 4 minutes per day

Are you tired of seeing your child glued to screens during the school holidays?


Looking for an easy way to keep them engaged, active, focused, and in a happier mood?


Look no further! Introducing the 31-Day Movement Challenge, the ultimate solution to make your child's holidays healthy, happy, and with less passive screen time!



🧒 Designed for Kids, Loved by Parents: Our program is curated especially for kindergarten and primary school aged children, written by a paediatric Exercise Physiologist, so you can trust it's both fun and developmentally beneficial.

🏃 Daily Adventures, Zero Hassle: Receive a new movement activity video in your inbox every day. No need to plan or clean up heaps of mess (just coloured pieces of paper and a ball, or pair of rolled up socks) we've got it all covered for you!

🧠 Promotes children's learning: The motor skills that your children masters during these activities, are the fundamentals for learning skills such as reading and writing.

📚 Enhanced Learning and Focus: Research shows that regular movement activities can significantly improve a child's focus, concentration, and learning abilities. Each activity is crafted to engage multiple senses, promoting brain development. This means your child not only stays active but also experiences improved memory retention and problem-solving skills.

🎯 Coordination and Confidence: Watch your child's coordination and self-confidence soar as they conquer daily challenges and master new skills. These physical achievements are closely linked to cognitive development, paving the way for enhanced learning readiness.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Quality Family Time: Bond with your child over these exciting activities and create cherished memories together, or put the kettle on while you press play on the video, and enjoy a quiet cuppa!

😃 Mood-Boosting Magic: Say goodbye to grumpy days. Movement is a natural mood-enhancer, and we've packed 31 days of it into our program!


What You Get with this 31 day movement challenge:

🌈 31 Engaging Video Sessions: Created by a Pediatric Exercise Physiologist, these videos are designed for maximum fun and growth.

🎁 Bonus Resources: Access valuable tips and resources to support your child's development outside of the program.


🚀 Join the Movement Challenge Today! 🚀

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