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Meet Robyn Papworth, a dynamic force in pediatric Exercise Physiology and Developmental Education! With a master's degree under her belt and a personal journey through neurodiversity stemming from childhood trauma, Robyn brings a unique and empathetic perspective to her work.

Her burning passion? Equipping educators, teachers, and families with the tools and understanding to champion children facing challenges like trauma, ASD, ADHD, dyspraxia, cerebral palsy, and dyslexia. How? Through innovative play and movement-based learning strategies that bring joyful connection and progress hand in hand.

As the brain behind Play Move Improve, Robyn doesn't just offer insights—she crafts invaluable pathways to support early childhood education and overall well-being. And guess what? She's not just about theory; she hosts the "Play Move Improve" podcast, where she spills the beans on her expertise as an Exercise Physiologist and Developmental Educator, making movement and play a fun and interactive experience for all.


Instagram @playmoveimprove


ABN: 16714276165

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