Early childhood play-based learning activity - rainbows

Early childhood play-based learning activity - rainbows

It's true, rainbows are such a great learning shape to use in an early childhood setting for so many reasons.


Rainbows help teach our children colours, and soooo much more!


The biggest lesson I believe rainbows teach is helping a child develop their crossing the midline skill (important for reading, writing, coordination).


Want to learn how to improve children's crossing the midline skills?

There are three main ways you can progress children's development and crossing the midline skills by using rainbows:


1. Drive a toy car or train across the rainbow arches

crossing the midline early childhood activity

2. Place rocks or stickers along the arches (great for fine motor skill development too!)

how to improve crossing the midline skills

3. Draw the arches using a pencil, crayon, stick, wet paint brush, etc.

activities to improve children's crossing the midline skills


Make sure that for each rainbow activity children are engaging in a different sitting, lying down, tummy time, crawling position - this is to help children to develop their core muscles at the same time.


You can find a specific crossing the midline circuit and table top suggestions in my Early Childhood Movement Program book. This book is EYLF friendly and takes the guess work out of setting up activities in an indoor and outdoor learning environment.

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