ADHD exercise programs for children - we need more research

ADHD exercise programs for children - we need more research

I have been providing exercise programs to children with ADHD for over 10 years.


I have seen in my own professional experience the benefits of exercise and active play for children with ADHD. However, we need more research!


The difficulty with providing evidence based practice when working specifically with children under 5 years of age, is that we don't have the research that we need to back up the many benefits that we see in our own small scale programs.


Furthermore, with more and more children using technology in their early formative years, and not enough research to assess the implications that screen time and technology may be having on our children's ability to focus, maintain attention, regulate the movement and force of their body, it makes it even more challenging for us professionals to provide programs that are sufficiently evidence based.


So if you know of a peak agency who can provide us with the funding to research these areas, please share this article with them.


I looked into doing my PhD a few years ago in regards to the benefits that movement and active play have on preschooler's development and behaviour. However, I was quoted over $20,000 to do my PhD which I can't afford as a working mum.


Let's get this important area of research happening, so we can all work together to continue to provide amazing movement programs for children with ADHD, autism, trauma, developmental delay, etc.


PS - Current research that is available in the ADHDPA guidelines - View here


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