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Core Strength Movement Program for Children (Ages 3-10)

Core Strength Movement Program for Children (Ages 3-10)

Our Core Strength Movement Program is specially designed to enhance the physical abilities of children aged 3 to 10 years who face challenges with w-sitting, maintaining proper table seated posture for fine motor activities, or balancing effectively.


This easy-to-use program comes with a set of engaging, ready-to-print PDF movement activities that parents and educators can readily implement.



  • Comprehensive PDF Guide: Includes detailed, easy-to-follow movement activities crafted by expert paediatric Exercise Physiologist Robyn Papworth.
  • Age-Appropriate Exercises: Tailored for young children, with simple instructions that they can follow with minimal supervision.
  • Print-Ready: Conveniently formatted to allow quick printing and immediate use at home or in the classroom.

Educational Insights

Core strength is crucial for the overall development of children. It supports crucial functions such as balance, posture, and coordination, which are essential not only for everyday activities but also for academic performance, particularly in tasks that require sustained sitting, such as writing and drawing. 

A strong core can help prevent the common w-sitting position that many children default to, which, though comfortable, can lead to future postural issues and muscle imbalances. By integrating our core strength activities into your child’s routine, you encourage a healthier posture and lay the foundation for improved motor skills and learning efficiency.


Why Choose Our Program?

  • Expert-Designed: Developed by a Masters qualified Developmental Educator and Paediatric Exercise Physiologist, ensuring that all activities are safe, effective, and suitable for children with various needs.
  • Focus on Development: Aids in correcting common postural issues like w-sitting, enhancing core stability and improving balance, which are pivotal for fine motor skills and overall physical health.
  • Easy Implementation: Ready to print and use, making it easy for busy families and educators to integrate into daily routines.

How to Use

Simply download the PDFs, print the activities, and guide your child through each exercise. The activities are designed to be fun and engaging, encouraging children's participation and consistent practice.

Purchase Information

  • Price: $29
  • Delivery: Instant digital download available upon purchase.


Elevate your child's physical development and learning capabilities with our Core Strength Movement Program. Invest in their future by incorporating foundational movement skills that promote better health and learning outcomes.

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