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Let's Move: The Ultimate Motor Skills Toolkit and Coaching Program for Early Childhood Teams

Let's Move: The Ultimate Motor Skills Toolkit and Coaching Program for Early Childhood Teams

Introducing the new interactive PDF motor development coaching document designed specifically for early childhood teams, focusing on enhancing motor skills in children aged 2 years to 8 years.


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motor skill coaching program



Motor development plays a crucial role in a child's overall development. Gross motor and fine motor skills are essential for engaging in learning activities such as:

  • drawing,
  • playing actively with peers,
  • keeping track of where your belongings are,
  • balancing across uneven surfaces,
  • participating in physical activity,
  • performing everyday tasks (eating, dressing),
  • reading, and writing


Motor development is closely intertwined with cognitive development. Research has shown that the development of motor skills, especially fine motor skills, contributes to the development of cognitive processes, including attention, problem-solving, memory, and spatial awareness.


The Let's Move coaching document goes beyond a traditional PDF ebook and incorporates clickable training content and planning ideas, all in one location, to provide your team with practical strategies to implement in indoor and outdoor play spaces.


Each section is categorised into motor skill areas. From reflexes, balance, and spatial awareness, to painting, crossing the midline and scissors. This coaching document has it all. 

You can access training videos, actionable movement videos, small group activities, large group routines, printable activities, and developmental checklists, to deepen your understanding of children's motor skill development, and increase the physical activity levels of reluctant movers.


This coaching document will receive regular updates as I receive feedback from teams. You will be notified as soon as the coaching document has been improved, as I am passionate about making sure this coaching program is as realistic and achievable as I possibly can, understanding that every kindergarten and every child is different.


We all know the importance of children's motor skill development, but how do you fit children's motor play into a busy schedule, especially when some children are hard to motivate to get moving.


Through physical actions and interactions with their environment, children gain valuable sensory experiences that enhance their cognitive abilities and motor skills, which in turn support their learning and academic achievements.

Be sure to access your copy today, and I look forward to going along this coaching journey with you and your team.

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