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Vagus Nerve Strategies for Educators & Children's Well-Being

Vagus Nerve Strategies for Educators & Children's Well-Being

Check out this 1 hour pre-recorded webinar where you'll discover practical and innovative strategies to support children's well-being and nurture your own self-care using the power of vagus nerve stimulation.


Here's a quick snippet of one of the many many activity ideas in this webinar.


What You'll Learn:

  1. Understanding Vagus Nerve Stimulation: Gain insights into the role of the vagus nerve in promoting relaxation and reducing stress in children and adults alike.

  2. Practical Applications in the Classroom: Discover how simple yet effective strategies like providing cold crunchy snacks, using icy straw water, engaging in teddy bear squeezes, and blowing feathers can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine to create a calming atmosphere in the classroom.

  3. Supporting Children's Emotional Well-Being: Learn how these vagus nerve activities positively impact children's emotional regulation, stress management, and overall well-being, contributing to a more conducive learning environment.

  4. Self-Care for Educators: Explore how incorporating these strategies can not only benefit children but also serve as valuable self-care techniques for educators, helping you manage stress and create a healthier, more balanced teaching environment.

In this 1 hour pre-recorded private webinar video, I share with you techniques designed to create a calm and supportive environment for both educators and children.


Why watch this:

  • Empower Your Teaching: Equip yourself with practical tools to support children's emotional health and create a nurturing classroom atmosphere.

  • Enhance Your Self-Care Routine: Discover simple yet effective self-care techniques that can be seamlessly woven into your daily routine, fostering your own well-being as an educator.

Who Should Attend:

  • Educators
  • Teachers
  • Allied health teams
  • Families
  • Anyone passionate about nurturing children's well-being


Let's work on our vagus nerve strategies together!

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