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Teaching Phonics with Sensori-Motor and Self-Regulation Strategies - Flip Book

Teaching Phonics with Sensori-Motor and Self-Regulation Strategies - Flip Book

Teaching children to read has become increasingly difficult since the introduction of screens.

In my experience, I believe that this has a lot to do with children's reduce attention span, reduced focus, and lower ability to coordinate their visual tracking and hand-eye coordination skills.


That's why I created this phonics program alongside a primary school teacher who has over 15 years experience in the prep to grade 3 level.


Each letter sound on this flipbook includes a sensori-motor and mindfulness movement for children to complete as you present the letter while everyone is seated. 


Don't worry about remembering all of the movements, as there is a QR code on each of the activity cards so children can follow along with the private YouTube video of my children completing the phonics movements.

phonics brain break program for primary school

This program will make a great addition to the foundation literacy block, or as part of your small group reading intervention programs.

The goal behind each of the phonics movements is to promote children's connection with the body awareness, senses, self-regulation, and vagus nerve stimulation. So children aren't only learning their letter sounds, but they're also building up their gross motor and fine motor skills needed for literacy and mathematics.


All of these movements are done by the children while sitting on the floor. No equipment is needed for the children.


This phonics program was inspired by my collaboration with a passionate primary school teacher who highlighted children's difficulty with maintaining focus and attention during phonics activities.


The letter sound choices are inspired by the Spalding Phonics Program.


I am so excited to share this program into the world because I really feel that this sensori-motor program will have a positive impact not only on literacy, but also on focus and behaviour.


Order your flip book today and let me know how you go.

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