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How to support children's development in a digital world

How to support children's development in a digital world


Get ready to learn about the impact of screen time on childhood sensory experiences in our upcoming webinar!


We'll be exploring how kids perceive the world around them, focusing on the eight senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, vestibular (balance and spatial orientation), proprioception (body awareness), and interoception (internal body sensations).


We'll learn about why some kids seem to struggle with new experiences and I'll share some easy, practical tips for helping kids feel more at ease.


Plus, we'll talk about how screen time affects kids' development compared to good ol' fashioned playtime. For example, excessive screen time can limit a child's visual and auditory stimulation. It can also reduce tactile experiences, such as feeling different textures or temperatures, which are crucial for developing fine motor skills.


We'll equip you with strategies to counteract these effects in the classroom and early childhood environments.


Learn how to incorporate sensory-rich activities into your lesson plans, routines and programs to engage all eight senses and promote optimal development.


Join us as we go through over 20 examples of sensory play and why it's crucial for kids' development. 


This webinar is perfect for educators, teachers, and anyone who loves working with kids.


While you're waiting for the webinar to begin, enjoy this sensory strategies ebook.


sensory play activities ebook



All who register get access to a family friendly handout about screen time and how to plan for sensory play and screen time, as well as our 4 week movement program that's easy to follow and add into our daily routines.

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