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How to support struggling readers - training and printable bundle for teachers and families

How to support struggling readers - training and printable bundle for teachers and families

How to use motor development to bridge reading challenges


Some of our little ones have really struggled grasping the skill of reading recently. This may be because reading isn't a skill that our brain is naturally born with and our brain has had to worry about uncertainty, inconsistency, and lack of social stimulation over the past few years.


In addition, some of our children aren't getting the play and movement opportunities as much as they used to, to build up the fundamental movement and sensory skills that the brain and body needs to stay focused on the letters and words on each page of a book.


Unlike walking, crawling, and picking up an object, the brain doesn't have a natural ability to learn how to read. Instead our brain needs us to lay a reading foundation from scratch, bridging together all of the brain areas that are involved in reading.


What I have been noticing recently is we give our kids books to read, letter flashcards to match, and 'reading eggs' subscriptions. But for some children this just isn't working. This may because we haven't created a strong foundation in the brain for reading. Strong foundation skills for reading include:

  • Visual processing
  • Vestibular balance
  • Spatial awareness
  • Crossing the midline
  • Executive functioning
  • Impulse control


If we rush building the foundation, then it may become more stressful for your child later on. That's why I ran this reading readiness webinar, and I encourage you and your team to learn about some of the fundamental movement skills that children need for focus and reading, as well as super simple strategies that you can use in the classroom as literacy warmups and brain breaks, to help bridge the gaps in children's development and learning at the moment.


Check it out now in this training and printable bundle. There is no time limit to accessing this content. Take each activity step by step and watch your children lay the foundation for reading.

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