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Fine motor skills training and printable bundle

Fine motor skills training and printable bundle

How to progress from scribbles to using scissors


Being able to use a pencil and scissors starts with having:

🤏 core strength

🤏 spatial awareness

🤏 reflex integration

🤏 hand-eye coordination


This learning module includes:

🤏 3 hours of fine motor skill training broken up into small manageable chunks for you to learn as you go

🤏 Fine motor skills videos for children to watch and copy while you take observation notes or have a quick break

🤏 Printable fine motor activities for children to be able to do in the classroom or at home

🤏 Goal setting worksheets to provide to families so we are all on the same page with children's fine motor skill development


Children who are struggling with handwriting and using scissors often show difficulties with their gross motor skills, including crossing the midline, postural stability, balance, core strength, spatial awareness, etc.


Children need to be able to jump with both feet, crawl, climb, spin, watch a moving object with their eyes, catch a ball, before being able to use scissors correctly or write their name smoothly.

Learn about the link from the gross motor skills mentioned above to the fundamental fine motor skills that children need to be able to write and use scissors, and also access printable and video fine motor activities for children aged 3 years to 10 years.





Register today and receive my support with ideas and tips for how to implement developmentally appropriate fine motor activities into your program for our current 'swipe' generation.

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