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How to Improve Crossing the Midline and Crawling Skills

How to Improve Crossing the Midline and Crawling Skills

Crawling isn't just a milestone for babies; it's a vital skill needed for your child's motor development and future academic success.


Discover the significance of crossing the midline – the ability to move body parts across the imaginary line dividing the body into left and right halves – in enhancing brain development, coordination, and cognitive skills.




Here's why crossing the midline matters for children:

  1. Brain Development: Enhance the corpus callosum, connecting both brain hemispheres for improved neural connections and overall brain development.

  2. Bilateral Coordination: Develop the ability to use both sides of the body in sync, supporting fine motor skills essential for school tasks.

  3. Reading and Writing: Smooth crossing of the midline aids in reading fluency and efficient writing, as it aligns with foundational skills.

  4. Cognitive Skills: Boost cognitive abilities, including attention, memory, and problem-solving, by engaging both sides of the brain.

  5. Physical Coordination: Strengthen core muscles, balance, and body awareness through activities like crawling and playing.

  6. Spatial Awareness: Improve spatial understanding, navigation, and direction recognition for a well-rounded development.


Encourage crossing the midline with activities like ball games, reaching across the body, dance, yoga, and creative arts and crafts. These activities stimulate the brain, enhance coordination, and foster overall school readiness.


Explore our pre-recorded session to:

  • Access research on the importance of crossing the midline and crawling in motor skill development.
  • Learn strategies to encourage crawling for children of all ages.
  • Discover ways to incorporate crossing the midline activities into daily routines and programs.
  • Identify and address challenges in midline skills.


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