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Creating Trauma-Informed Play Spaces: Building Safe and Supportive Environments for Kindergarten Teachers

Creating Trauma-Informed Play Spaces: Building Safe and Supportive Environments for Kindergarten Teachers

Let me tell you a story...


When I was growing up I was very difficult for teachers and friends to connect with because every day at school my brain was struggling to focus, follow instructions, and emotionally regulate.


I would often lose my cool at school, disconnect from my world around me, and struggle to get through each school day because I was experiencing trauma that I couldn't understand, couldn't express, and didn't know how to manage when I was a child.


It's my life goal to help children like me feel seen, heard, and visible. Because I know what it feels like to be invisible in a system that requires children to be regulated and focused, even when their world around them is quite the opposite.


To help you support the children who you care for, I will be sharing my evidence based, trauma informed knowledge with you, as well as lived experience working with children and adults who have experienced trauma for the past 12 years.


In this 1 hour webinar you'll gain valuable insights and practical strategies to create an environment where every child can thrive.


Key Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Trauma in Kindergarten-Aged Children - Recognising the signs and effects of trauma in young learners


  • Building a Safe and Supportive Classroom - Practical tips for creating a nurturing and secure environment through sensory play and movement


  • Fostering Trust and Relationships - Strategies to help children build trust and connect with peers and adults


  • Trauma-Informed Activities for the Classroom - Engaging exercises and activities to help children cope and heal.


  • Self-Care for Teachers and Educators - The importance of teacher self-care in supporting children who have experienced trauma (and you may have also experienced trauma yourself).


Why Watch this Webinar?

  • Gain a deep understanding of trauma and its impact on kindergarten-aged children's development, behaviour and learning.
  • Learn practical strategies to create a safe and nurturing classroom environment.
  • Explore trauma-informed activities that can be integrated into your programs and routines.
  • Prioritise your own well-being with self-care practices tailored for teachers and educators.


Webinar Details:

  • Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
  • Powerpoint Slides included
  • Certificate available if required


Who Should Attend?

  • Kindergarten Teachers
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • School Counsellors
  • Educational Administrators
  • Anyone interested in trauma-informed teaching for young children


Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your teaching skills and create a more inclusive and supportive classroom environment for your students.

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