Prioritising Visual Tracking Skills: A Vital Milestone in Early Childhood Education

Prioritising Visual Tracking Skills: A Vital Milestone in Early Childhood Education

In preschool, helping kids follow things with their eyes is super important.

Nowadays, with screens everywhere, it's even more crucial to teach little ones how to track things visually. This skill—being able to smoothly watch something move—is something not enough attention has been given to in preschools before.

There's a video called "Fun and Engaging Visual Tracking Activities for Preschoolers and Primary-Aged Children" that talks about why this is a big deal.

 This video shows that lots of kids are finding it tricky to track things with their eyes when they're young. And guess what? Screens might be part of the reason why.


So, why should we care about this in preschool? Well, screens like phones and tablets are all around kids these days. They're cool and fun, but they might be stopping kids from getting better at watching things move with their eyes.


The video shows some simple ways to help kids get better at this:

1. Learning About Visual Tracking Challenges

Some kids might find it hard to watch things moving. They might get bored quickly or find it tough to keep up. Knowing these signs can help teachers help these kids.

2. Doing Mazes to Get Better at Seeing Space

Mazes are awesome fun, right? But they also help kids see space better. They learn how to follow paths and understand where things are in space.

3. Helping Kids with Dyspraxia and Space Stuff

Some kids might have a harder time with space stuff, like dyspraxia. It's important to have activities that focus on helping these kids understand space better, even if it's tricky for them.

4. Making Memory Better with Step-by-Step Tasks

Watching things with your eyes is linked to how well you remember stuff. Doing tasks step by step can make memory stronger. This is great for tracking things and remembering them later.

5. Fun Games to Remember More

Remember the games where you match things or play 'Simon Says'? They're not just fun; they're good for your brain! These games help kids get better at tracking things and remembering them too.


In summary, helping kids with their visual tracking skills in preschool is super important. With some cool activities and games, teachers can make sure every kid gets better at following things with their eyes. This sets them up nicely for learning more later on!


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