5 activities to improve fine motor skill development for children

Homeschooling activities to improve fine motor skill development for children

5 activities to improve fine motor skill development for children 

Here are 5 fun activities you can implement in your classroom or home to improve children’s fine motor skills, particularly pincer grip.


  1. Play tea parties and encourage wrist extension by carrying trays

    preschool fine motor play activity wrist extension

    Learn more about how to develop wrist extension in my handwriting blog article here

  2. Make paper chains or pipe cleaners chains to encourage bilateral coordination

    fine motor preschool activity bilateral coordination pincer grip

  3. Use small tongs to pick up pom poms, pasta, or magnetic letters hidden in rice

    preschool fine motor sensory play early learning activity

    Using tongs to pick up pasta, pom poms, etc. helps children to develop the grasp/release movement that is needed for cutting with scissors. Cutting with scissors requires a smooth, rhythmic hand motion and tongs can provide a similar motion to the hands without the risk of using sharp scissors.

    For children who find using large tongs difficult, take a step back and encourage children to pinch and pick up small objects with a rhythmic pinching action (no tongs in hand).

  4. Tear paper with the first two fingers and thumb to promote pincer grip strength

    fine motor preschool activity mindfulness bilateral coordination pincer grip

  5. Place pom poms into a container while holding a pom pom in your hand (this teaches the last 2 fingers to not be involved in the activity)

    how to improve pincer grip fine motor skill development


To get more fine motor activity click here

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