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Play Move Improve

Core strength and w-sitting early childhood webinar with Play Move Improve

Core strength and w-sitting early childhood webinar with Play Move Improve

Do you observe some of your little learners needing an extra boost in their core strength as they sit floppy in a w-sitting position?

Have you noticed struggles with comfort while sitting, confidence in movement, or engagement in learning activities?


You're in the perfect place! I've got invaluable insights and strategies to share that can make a significant impact.


Dive into a power-packed, strategy-heavy 1-hour webinar where I'll equip you with tools to tackle children's w-sitting and floppy postures by enhancing their core strength and STNR reflex integration.


During this 1 hour webinar recording I uncover:

🧠 Decoding the STNR Reflex: Understanding the science behind this overlooked reflex crucial to our little ones' development.

🪑 Unveiling W-Sitting's Effects: Discover why addressing this habit, especially in early childhood, is pivotal for their growth.

💪 Fun-filled Core-Strengthening Activities: Explore simple yet enjoyable exercises to give your children a core strength boost.

🤸‍♂️ Transforming Play, Movement, Learning, Behavior: Witness how a robust core can revolutionize every facet of a child's day.


Who's invited to this transformational journey? All passionate early childhood educators, teachers, caregivers, coaches, allied health professionals, and anyone dedicated to helping our little learners thrive.


Get ready to empower our young minds and bodies with me today!

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