what is spatial awareness

What is spatial awareness and why is it important

Gross motor skill development doesn't come naturally to all children.

Similar to learning times tables is easier for some children than others.

Knowing that all children are different, I am passionate about observing children's movement in all areas of their gross motor skill development to make sure that the foundation of movement and play is being developed appropriately.


Here is one quick tip to screening spatial awareness.


The movements that we look for are:

🖐🏻 Is the child able to touch their nose with their pointer finger with smooth finger movement?


🖐🏻 Is the child able to touch their nose with their pointer finger, or do they miss their nose and touch their cheek?


🖐🏻 Is the child able to smoothly move their finger and arm from their nose, to their friend's stretched out pointer finger?


🖐🏻 Is this movement smooth and accurate, or does the child miss their friend's pointer finger?


Spatial awareness skills are needed for:


🧩 play (not bumping into our friends, crashing into their block tower, able to move through play spaces confidently)


👉 balance (able to move my body without losing balance, moving too fast that my body moves out of control)


⚽️ ball activities (able to catch, throw, bounce, tap a ball confidently)


🏡 organising our own belongings (able to know where my socks go, where I recently placed my hat)


🙉 personal space (able to feel how far away my body is, from my friend or teacher's body without being too close)


👋 transitioning from activity to activity in the classroom (able to move my body through play spaces from the mat to the door, or the door to the snack table without bumping into furniture or losing my way)


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