Play Move Improve packages Melbourne School Readiness Funding

Online Coaching with Robyn

Experience personalised online coaching with Robyn Papworth, a Masters-qualified Developmental Educator with over a decade of experience in early childhood education. Robyn’s online coaching sessions are designed to provide educators with practical strategies and insights to support children’s development.


  • Flexible Scheduling: Sessions can be scheduled at times that suit your team’s needs.
  • Customised Content: Each session is tailored to address the specific challenges and goals of your kindergarten.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Robyn’s extensive knowledge and experience in early childhood development, play-based learning, and behaviour support.
  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in live discussions, Q&A, and practical activities that can be implemented immediately.

Funding: All states can utilise their School Readiness Funding (SRF) or Kindy Uplift funding to access online coaching with Robyn.


Classroom Observations with Victoria or Claire

Our face-to-face classroom observation sessions, led by Victoria and Claire, provide valuable insights into children’s developmental needs and classroom dynamics. These VIT-registered early childhood teachers will observe your classroom to identify challenges and provide actionable strategies.


  • Detailed Observations: Identify children’s difficulties with gross motor skills, self-regulation, play skills, fine motor skills, and transitions.
  • Professional Analysis: Robyn Papworth will analyse the observation data to develop a customised action plan for your team and families.
  • Printable Resources: Receive practical resources and activities to support children’s development and address identified challenges.
  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from follow-up support to ensure the successful implementation of the action plan.

Availability: Currently, only SRF-funded Melbourne kindergartens can access this service until our team expands further.


8-Week Let's Regulate Program with Victoria or Claire

The Let's Regulate program is an 8-week, in-depth initiative designed to equip educators with effective self-regulation techniques for children. Created by Robyn Papworth, this program is delivered by Victoria and Claire through a series of 8 weekly or fortnightly practical and engaging sessions.


  • Structured Program: Over eight sessions with Victoria or Claire, educators will learn and implement various self-regulation techniques tailored to their classroom needs.
  • Hands-On Training: Victoria and Claire will demonstrate techniques and provide hands-on support to ensure educators feel confident in applying them.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access a range of printable resources and materials to support the program’s implementation.
  • Progress Monitoring: Regular check-ins and feedback sessions to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments with Robyn Papworth, to make the Let's Regulate program a success for your kindergarten.

Funding: The Let's Regulate program is available to SRF-funded Melbourne kindergartens at this stage.