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I keep my newsletters very short and sweet as I know you are super busy.


Simply try the activities from each month's newsletter and let me know how you go.


The brain learns through repetition and learning from movement mistakes. So please repeat all activities at least 3 times per week for the next 4 weeks.


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Upcoming Live Workshops

Join us for one of my upcoming face to face workshops where I'll be chatting about topics such as:

  • Gross motor and fundamental movements skills that children need for kindergarten and primary school
  • Fine motor skill development - where to begin and how to help
  • Self-regulation - what is it, why it's important, how to support children who need more practice with their self-regulation
  • Sensory play for the 8 senses using everyday resources, with minimal setup and minimal mess
  • Play schemas - what are they, how play schemas impact behaviour, how you can help your child to play more indepedently