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Sensory play resource package for children
Sensory play resource package for children
Sensory play resource package for children

Sensory play resource package for children

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Sensory play resource package for children


I created this sensory play resource package as I know a lot of families are feeling overwhelmed at home not knowing how to stimulate their children during social isolation.


The sensory play activity ideas in this package are easy to set up, minimal mess, and use resources that most of you will already have in your pantry or cupboard.

The full sensory play resource package includes:

* 8 sensory activity videos

* Printable sensory routines with common household items

* Sensory play ebook that shares information about sensory play and simple strategies

* Powerpoint presentation that explains sensory integration and the senses

* BONUS folder with play-based learning activity ideas to do at home during Covid19 lockdown

TESTIMONIAL: Robyn, Your resource is fabulous. I love the masking tape and orange squeezing activity. I have tonnes of lemons so will be taking them in for my three year olds to squeeze next term. Great work, down to earth and delivered in a calm way. Love it. Leonie.


All of the sensory play resource content will be delivered to you on a USB with a complementary fidget keyring.


For families with children who have special needs, my sensory play resource comes under the NDIS Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living item 15_056_0128_1_3, can be purchased through KIS funding, or add this product to your cart to process as a normal payment.


I have created this handout to show examples of my sensory play videos. Click here to view the sample pdf file - https://www.dropbox.com/s/g2ikgvxi9ot6vnu/Sensory%20play%20resource%202020%20sample.pdf?dl=0 

If you don't have access to dropbox please let me know and I can email you a copy of the pdf sample.


If you have any questions about the sensory play package, feel free to contact me.