why children are struggling with fine motor development
reasons why children struggle with handwriting handout
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Reasons why children may be struggling with handwriting

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Reasons why children may be struggling with handwriting

I see so many children struggling to hold their pencil, write their name, and get their creative thoughts down on to paper.


I see parents and teachers begging children to attempt their writing or drawing, as the child sits at the table feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.


So I decided to create this free handout where I explain the possible reasons why children may be struggling with handwriting. Because if I can help one parent, one teacher, or one child, then I feel extremely grateful for being able to share my passion and expertise.


My favourite part about this handout is that it also includes activities that you can incorporate in to your morning circle routines and daily curriculum to improve children's fine motor development.


Feel free to ask questions if you need on my Facebook page - www.facebook.com/playmoveimprove



To learn more about children's motor development click the image below.

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