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Let's Play: The Ultimate Play Coaching Toolkit for Early Childhood Teachers

Let's Play: The Ultimate Play Coaching Toolkit for Early Childhood Teachers

As early childhood professionals, we know that play is an essential part of a child's development.

  • Play provides a safe and enjoyable outlet for children to express and regulate their emotions and thoughts
  • Play stimulates children's imagination and fosters their creative thinking
  • Play is a natural and spontaneous way for children to learn and develop cognitive (problem solving, planning, memory) skills
  • Play provides an opportunity for children to unwind, relax, and reduce stress
  • Play encourages social interaction and the development of essential social skills
  • Play involves physical activity, which is vital for children's physical development and overall well-being


How can we create play experiences that are not only fun but also meaningful and developmentally appropriate?

How can we inspire children who are relunctant to play, or stuck with minimal play interests, so that they can experience these many benefits of play.


In this interactive PDF play skills coaching document, I share practical tips and strategies for setting up play experiences that promote learning, development, and play schema skills.


The coaching document provides suggestions and team brainstorming activities to help you set up developmentally appropriate play experiences for children who are currently enrolled in 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten programs. 


With these play planning documents, you can feel confident that you are providing meaningful and developmentally appropriate play experiences for children who have varying needs and interests, in all areas of their play schema development.


By incorporating developmentally appropriate play schema experiences into your kindergarten programs, you are able to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that supports all children's level of development and encourages their natural progression through their developmental milestones.


With the tips and strategies provided in this coaching document, you can unlock the power of play and inspire children of all abilities to learn and grow.


Download this coaching document today and start creating play experiences that promote learning and development today!

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