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Move 2 Calm - A trauma informed, early childhood coaching package

Move 2 Calm - A trauma informed, early childhood coaching package

I want to start by sharing a personal connection to the challenges many trauma-affected families face. My journey, like many of those we support, has been shaped by childhood trauma. I've walked a similar path and faced similar struggles that families dealing with trauma confront daily.


Growing up, I discovered something powerful: the profound impact that sport, play and music had on my own healing journey. These passions became my allies in calming my nervous system, healing my mind-body connection, and helping me navigate a world with fewer triggers and greater emotional regulation.


It's from this deeply personal experience that Move2Calm has been born. I am committed to paying forward the healing I've found in movement, music and play.


The Move2Calm program aims to provide trauma-affected families with the tools and support they need to rebuild their lives, just as I did. It also empowers you, as an educator or teacher to learn strategies for building connection, co-regulation, and more engagement in small group and large group settings.


Product Options:


Option 1: Printable Program - $127

  • Purchase the printable Move2Calm program and start learning about what trauma can look like, what strategies you can try straight away, and how to set up your play environments to support children with trauma
  • Receive simple movement and play activities right to your inbox to start building more connection, less resistance, and more regulation
  • Access clickable training videos to help you learn about trauma and children's development and behaviour - these videos are self-paced, and you have unlimited time to go through the content

Option 2: Ultimate Support Package - $679 per person

  • Access the printable and clickable Move2Calm program mentioned above
  • Also have access to 5 x 1 hour online small group sessions with Robyn and other early childhood professionals to gain personalised guidance and support from Robyn - you're welcome to have your camera off, and can log in with an alias username to protect your identity
  • Sessions are run online via Zoom, once a month, in the evenings. Days change each month to suit as many people as we can, as we know many of you have busy schedules. Email Robyn if you would like to see the schedule before enrolling in the program
  • All online group sessions are recorded so you can watch the sessions at any time that suits you


Research-Based Impact:

  • Studies have shown that engaging in movement and play activities can significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels, as well as build co-regulation, connection, and resilience in your home
  • Sensori-motor activities promote a sense of connection and trust among group members, strengthening emotional regulation, and improving behaviour in small and large group settings
  • Children and educators both experience increased confidence and self-esteem through these activities, having a ripple effect on your mental health and wellbeing
  • The Move2Calm Program is built on trauma informed research, offering evidence-based solutions for trauma-affected families and early childhood professionals
  • With lived experience, Robyn knows how challenging it can be to stay focused, on track, and motivated to be physically active and engaged in play with your. That's why the printable program and our online sessions are judgment free and very nurturing.


Choose the Move2Calm Program option that best suits your needs and let's work together toward healing, connection, and confidence.

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