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Kindergarten sensory teacher lanyard
Kindergarten sensory support lanyard
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Kindergarten teacher lanyard set

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This listing is for 1 x kindergarten teacher lanyard set including:

  • 1 purple lanyard
  • 1 pen with retractable Caribbean clip
  • 1 blue and white double ended torch
  • 1 peas in a pod fidget keyring

My reason for including a torch on the kindergarten lanyard is to encourage children's visual tracking when reading a book. By moving the torch across the page from word to word, some children become more engaged in reading.


I also have included the peas in the pod fidget keyring to encouraging the fine motor pinching action, and to help settle children when needed.


There is a detachable buckle function on the lanyard so that you can quickly unbuckle the sensory items at the bottom of the lanyard, without needing to take the lanyard off of your neck.