Kids exercise videos for improving children's development and health
Kids exercise videos
Kids exercise videos for improving children's development and health
Kids exercise videos for improving children's development and health
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Kids exercise videos for improving children's development and health

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Kids exercise videos for improving children's development and health

As an Exercise Physiologist, I often worry about whether my children have had the recommended hours of sleep; enough fruits and vegetables each day; not too many screen time hours; and of course the recommended amount of exercise per day.


This amount of worry can be overwhelming for us all as parents or caregivers.


A few months ago, I decided enough was enough – I had become tired of nagging my son Hugh to do his exercises. I knew that he needed additional support with his crossing the midline, balance, and core strength skills. But I became tired of explaining the same exercises over and over again.  I could tell that Hugh had also had enough of hearing me nag him every day. 


That's where these 10 exercise videos came from.


I wanted exercises videos that were quick (less than 7 minutes each), fun, and engaging. The smile on Hugh and Isla's faces when they first watched these videos was priceless.  It was obvious that they would much prefer to watch me on video showing them the exercises, than doing it along with me.
As a parent I discovered another little benefit to these videos that I love (other than hearing my own voice), I can now press play and have a cup of tea in peace.
Once my children have completed the video, I know that their brain and body has received gross motor and fine motor learning that they need for their schooling and life skills.


I am especially proud that these videos have been beneficial for families who have children with special needs.  The step by step education that I provide in each video helps families to know why each exercise is important, and they can see their children’s skills progress over the weeks of practising these exercises.


Technology has become a part of our children's lives, so I decided to make the most of it.

I was hesitant to turn my exercise programs into videos for a number of years, as you can imagine I was worried that children already spend enough hours each day staring at a screen (my children included).  But after speaking with a school principal, I listened to his feedback regarding how children are often responding better to a video than to an adult giving them directions. So, instead of being afraid of screen time and technology, we are choosing to embrace it. 


These videos are a great way to balance screen time with movement, and fuel the body with the oxygen and energy that it needs for development, health, and learning.


This video series includes 10 classroom exercise videos for children for the following motor skills:

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Crossing the midline

  • Balance

  • Core strength

  • Hand strength

  • Infantile reflexes

  • Deep breathing


I designed each exercise video to be between 4 and 7 minutes in duration. My children’s exercise videos make a great brain break activity, either for your home routine, or to be used by teachers in their classroom. Each video is performed in a sitting or standing position, so that you can choose which position works best for your particular activity break, or play area.

Simply order your download links today, and enjoy the many benefits of movement.


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