motor development program for families who need support
Individualised therapy program for my child

Individualised therapy program for your child (6 week program and support)

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My name is Robyn Papworth and I am Masters qualified Developmental Educator and Exercise Physiologist supporting children with developmental delay and special needs for over 10 years.

As you may have already seen on my Play Move Improve Facebook and Instagram pages my son Hugh was born with gross motor and fine motor delays so I know what it feels like to be a parent who has a child not developing as quickly as their peers or cousins. That's why I have created this online platform to support families who have children like my son, who needs additional support with reaching their milestones and motor skills.

Your involvement in this 6 week individualised program includes an initial assessment online Zoom session where we chat about your concerns, goals, observe your child's movement and play skills, and start to develop your custom program.


We then have weekly check ins over a 6 week period. These online sessions can be done in the morning, during the day, or at night. We can make it work to suit both of our schedules :)

After each check in I will usually ask for you to take photos or videos of your child participating in one or more of the activities that I have recommended. Your videos and photos will be protected under my privacy policy and will only be viewed by me for therapeutic purposes. I will then provide you with feedback about what I see happening with your child's movement and development, and may provide further ideas depending on what I observe.