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Sensori-motor strategies for children with anxiety EBOOK - 110 pages

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How to help children with anxiety.

Written by Masters qualified Developmental Educator, and paediatric Exercise Physiologist Robyn Papworth.


We're all feeling more anxious since covid19 became a part of our lives. Families are feeling more nervous about dropping their children to kindergarten and school, particularly in Melbourne and New South Wales, and children are feeling more unsettled as they have been in and out of lockdown, at times spending months away from their extended family and peer support groups.


While communicating with a number of Early Childhood teams and families recently online about the impact that covid19 has had on children's development and well-being, I decided it was time to share my own personal experience with anxiety and share my skills as an allied health professional by highlighting a number of sensori-motor strategies that I have used to settle children with anxiety and challenging behaviours over the last 9 years.


To help support your team and the families that you care for during this challenging time, download my latest ebook to learn:

  • Sensori-motor strategies for children with anxiety

  • Separation anxiety strategies for your team and families

  • Classroom based strategies for children with anxiety


You can see the contents page by clicking the image gallery.


To help you with your planning and deciding on separation anxiety strategies, the sensori-motor activities are categorised into vestibular and proprioception, body connection, physical activity, visual, fine motor, and nature play sections.


The ebook also includes suggested language by a child psychologist Tammy to help you reduce children's anxiety while they're feeling overwhelmed.


Enjoy the read and I look forward to your feedback,


Robyn Papworth