How to promote motor development in learning areas without the chaos
how to create an active classroom without the chaos
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How to promote motor development in learning areas without the chaos

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These primary school classroom resources and programs help teachers and education support staff to create learning areas that support kinesthetic and active learners, while reducing chaos and over-excitement in the classroom.


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primary school motor development support


The motor skills screening program is run face to face in Melbourne primary schools in 30 to 45 minute blocks. These motor skills screening program involve myself, a paediatric Exercise Physiologist observing children's movement using activities similar to the movements in the video below. 


Contact me if you would like to organise an observation session for your class. The observation session is $8 per child with a minimum of 30 children.

Travel fees may apply.


After observing children's movement, I write a brief summary about children who require further support with their motor development. I also mentor teachers and education support workers while I'm on site so they can implement some of these simple strategies as part of their literacy and numeracy lesson plans.



The PE consultation sessions involve me meeting with your PE department online or face to face and brainstorming ways to modify the PE curriculum for children with special needs and developmental delays.


The online course How to Create an Active Classroom without the Chaos is a self-paced online course that explains the importance of physical activity for improving children's focus and learning in the classroom. This course also includes simple press and play resources for teacher's to use as brain breaks throughout their week.



The PD workshop sessions are a hands on session for classroom teachers, PE teachers, and education support workers to learn ways to promote children's physical health and motor development without causing disruption in the classroom.


Make your choice of one of these services above, or schedule all of these services in our primary school bundle. The bundle price depends on the number of children that you would like me to screen for you. Please contact me at for your own quote and invoice. Or place the order via my website and I will send you a tax receipt.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.