hand-eye coordination skills for children
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Hand-eye coordination is a skill that all children need

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I often get asked what skills children need for school readiness, and hand-eye coordination is one of them.


When I observe the children in the playground at kindergarten or school, I often see some children playing sports or climbing with their friends, then I see a group of children who avoid playing sports or climbing with their friends because they lack the confidence to throw and catch a ball with a friend.


This behaviour continues into high school and adulthood, as I meet adults in my training workshops who are scared to throw and catch a ball with me in case they drop the ball in front of the audience. This fear of failing with their hand-eye coordination has an impact on how active the individual is.


Wouldn't it be nice to teach all children hand-eye coordination skills so that we have more active and confident teenagers and adults?


These simple ball skills shown in this handout can be practiced by children every day using a simple tennis ball.


For more ball activity ideas check out this video below.


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