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Free homeschooling daily routine colour-in template

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Free homeschooling daily routine colour-in template

I never thought I would be spending weeks at home, under social isolation, with my 3 kids during the school term.


On Monday I sat down with my cup of coffee, half asleep, thinking about how I could maintain my sanity over the coming weeks. What I come up with were these colour-in homeschooling daily routines templates.


Encourage the children to colour-in and cut out each daily activity independently, or if you're impatient like me, do it yourself, because my kids got distracted after colouring in 3 of the daily activities.


Blu-tak your activities to the daily routine charts, and encourage children to complete each activity, once a day. 


Some of the activities may last 1 minute, other activities may go for 30 minutes.


Don't pressure yourself to achieve success during this difficult time. These activities are just a tool to give you inspiration, not stress.


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