Free crossing the midline classroom routine
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Free crossing the midline classroom routine

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Free crossing the midline classroom routine


As a Developmental Educator and Exercise Physiologist I attend kindergartens all around Australia, observing children's gross motor and fine motor development.


What I often see are 4 to 5 young children per classroom who are nervous to climb, clumsy when running around the playground, and uncoordinated with their crossing the midline skills.


There are a wide range of reasons why children may be struggling with their gross motor development, and these may include:

  • Being born prematurely
  • Having health challenges early in life
  • Having global developmental delay (like my son)
  • Not being given enough opportunity to run, climb, jump, play
  • Excessive screen time that is reducing their level of play


What I love about children's motor development is that through practice and opportunity to make mistakes, most children can develop the motor skills that they need to become confident and smooth movers.


Crossing the midline is one of the most important gross motor skills that kindergarten children need to develop, not only for climbing, crawling, and learning. But also as a strong foundation for their fine motor skill development.


In this free crossing the midline movement routine you can observe children who are finding these movements difficult, and watch their coordination and strength improve as you complete these movements every day in your morning or afternoon classroom routine.


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