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Play Move Improve

Guided Behavioural Analysis and Coaching Support with Robyn from Play Move Improve

Guided Behavioural Analysis and Coaching Support with Robyn from Play Move Improve

Are you seeing an increasing number of children struggling with their focus, coordination, and emotional regulation?


Do you want to find a way to observe children's movement, self-regulation and behaviour then have support on what strategies you can do to help the children in your class?


This early childhood coaching program provides a three-step process (all included in this price) which includes:

  • The first booklet where I ask you a series of observation, developmental, and sensory environment questions
    • This first booklet is a super simple tick the box style worksheet that you're welcome to complete on your computer or print it out and scan it/post it back to me.
  • Once I have received the first booklet back from you, I then send you booklet number two where we go a little bit deeper into the children's behaviours, motor development, play difficulties, and self-regulation challenges
  • I use your answers from this second booklet to help me then create your own personalised, number three booklet, which includes:
    • Motor development strategies
    • Play schema recommendations
    • Sensory environment suggestions
    • Printables to be used in the classroom, family handouts and tutorial videos to suit the needs of your current team and the children that you support in your kindergarten environment


I have created this early childhood coaching program to make my services more affordable and shares resources and advice in the best way that I can, given the changes in funding, to support teachers, educators, and children with their:

  • Motor development
  • Play schema skills
  • Self-regulation
  • Play environment set up


To access this early childhood coaching program add the first kindergarten group price to cart or contact me for your own invoice.


This price includes the complete 3 step process as well as support from me via email as you move through each step.


By the end of the 3rd booklet you will be equipped with an action plan and training support for children's:

  • Motor skill development
  • Play schemas
  • Play environment design
  • Sensory play strategies
  • Self-regulation strategies
  • and so much more...


    As soon as payment is received, the first booklet will come into your inbox straight away.



    This is priced per kindergarten group (not per teacher/educator)

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