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early learning kindergarten poster

Early learning kindergarten poster - carry your own backpack

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Early learning kindergarten poster - carry your own backpack - A3 pdf file


As a child development therapist I talk every day about the importance of children carrying their own back pack. Why?


Encouraging children to carry their own backpack:

  • Improves core strength and shoulder stabilisation - needed for fine motor skill development to use a spoon, draw smoothly with a pencil, climb a tree
  • Improves dynamic and static balance by the added weight of the back pack challenging the child's movement of their centre of gravity.
  • Promotes independence and taking responsibility of their own belongings
  • Promotes pincer grip and bilateral coordination when the child opens and closes their own zipper

As a mum of young 3 children, I understand a parent's desire to help carry their child's back pack.


As parents we want to show we care. We want to support our children in every way that we can. However, we need to consider that promoting our children's independence is a gift to their development, confidence, and learning.


Of course we don't want children carrying a back pack for more than 10 minutes that is too heavy for them. So if you feel like the child is struggling to carry the weight of their back pack then consider lightening the load by only having their lunch box, small drink bottle, and change of clothes in their back pack.


Download this A3 poster and display it in your kindergarten or early learning centre.


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