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Early childhood positive play coaching 6 module self-paced course

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Self paced, 6 modules, online course about children's motor development and learning.


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'Robyn puts her experiences and knowledge into such easy to use language' ~ Nicole

'Thank you for making my job easier with your development tips' ~ Cassie



Want to become more confident with observing children's play and movement and setting up engaging play environments?


Want to know what's typical developmental behaviour, and what types of play, movement, and behaviour need additional support?



Topics include:

* How to set up play areas to promote motor skill development, engagement and play - including ways to review and observe your current play spaces, particularly those play spaces that aren't used to their full potential by children in your learning area

* How to set up outdoor obstacle courses to get inactive children motivated and engaged

* How to develop routines and transitions to promote play, engagement, and movement

* How to motivate children when they are reluctant to engage in play and movement activities

* The motor skills needed for school readiness and independent skills

* How to modify your play spaces and routines to suit developmental needs of all children, including children with special needs



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Each module includes a:

* 1.5 hour to 2 hour recorded webinar session,

* Powerpoint slides in pdf format, and

* Additional visual printables where required.


Words from one of my students...


"I have really been enjoying your sessions!!


As a new teacher your course has helped me to:

-  helped with giving me ideas for my program, 

- helped to refine what I now understand to be very important for development (I will be able to substantiate why tearing paper is a skill building activity).

- help me to substantiate the reasoning behind play based learning and the benefit of rich sensory environments, (bearing in mind sensory load).

- given me a new lens on some of the behaviours I see

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