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Early Childhood Parent Support Resources during Lockdown

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Use your SRF funding to provide your kindergarten families with this motor development and play based learning resource.


What a year it has been again for Melbourne families. My thoughts go to Melbourne families again this year, as well as families who are currently in New South Wales. I know what it feels like being a Melbourne mum, and I'm sending you all a big virtual hug.


As early childhood services close again I want to help families where I can. So I have collected all of my training videos and activity videos into one easy to access area where parents can simply pick an activity and print it out, or press play on a movement video.


All you need to do is let me know how many families you would like to enrol via email robyn@playmoveimprove.com.au - I can then enter in your families manually with their name and email address, or I can invoice your kindergarten and provide each family with a coupon code so that you can use your SRF funding while the resource remains free for your families.


Price is capped at $480 for as many 2021 kindergarten families as you need (usually $8.99 per family).



The idea behind this resource is that it is as easy as possible for parents to use. Simply grab a cuppa, press play, and know that your children are copying me on video to work on their motor development milestones, while you get a quick break from the stress of lockdown.


I have set up this training and play content so that it can be funded under the Department School Readiness Funding program. The price for access to these resources is per parent. Their access is unlimited so the support doesn't stop once lockdown finishes. Parents are welcome to use the resources as many times as they need, for as long as they need.



early childhood parent education support
early childhood parent education support



Register through my website or Click here to fill out the registration form. All I need is your payment option (invoice, Paypal, or credit card) and each parent's email address (with their permission of course). I then do the rest, providing each parent with their own log in to the play and motor development resources.


If you have any questions feel free to email me or contact me on my Play Move Improve Facebook page.


While this isn't the ideal way for our children to be learning and play, I'm hoping that this is a good option to still ensure that children are developing their motor skills at home.


Take care everyone. I'm always here if you need to ask questions or need someone to listen (read).


You can see more about the online platform here - https://play-move-improve.thinkific.com/courses/early-childhood-parent-support-during-lockdown-movement-and-play 


The price is per parent not per service and can be funded through SRF via invoice if you need.