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Connecting with our kids through play - free handout

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Connecting with our kids through play - free handout

As a mum of 3 little ones, I understand the feeling of struggling to give each of my children the undivided attention and connection that they deserve, while also trying to tend to our house, my business, and our family and friends.

Spending time with my kids makes me feel so happy and loved. But I then feel guilty about not having a clean house, and not giving my business the hard work that it needs.

So my mission for 2021 is to try every day to connect with my kids through play. Even if it is just for 5 minutes.

Come on this journey with me by completing the activities in this free handout and share your experiences and/or ideas with others on my Facebook page - www.facebook.com/playmoveimprove


Access more gross motor and fine motor activities by clicking on the image below.

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