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Classroom brain breaks motor skill activity calendar for 2020

Classroom brain breaks motor skill activity calendar for 2020

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Classroom brain breaks motor skill activity calendar

The brain is fueled by oxygen, and exercise increases the amount of oxygen sent to the brain. 


When your students are feeling restless, or easily distracted, implement our daily brain break activity, and enjoy observing children's movement and engagement, while learning new skills.


This motor skill activity calendar includes one activity per day from January through to December. That's 365 activity ideas for your classroom.


All you need for these activities are a:

  • set of math equations and sight words at your student's level,
  • spare paper,
  • timer
  • whiteboard


The majority of these activities use no equipment at all and can be done at circle time while seated or standing.


I have chosen specific activities that aim to improve children's:

  • crossing the midline,
  • coordination,
  • balance,
  • fitness,
  • fine motor skills, and
  • focus.


Enjoy simple brain break activities that will fuel the children's brain with oxygen - preparing their body and mind for learning. 


Share photos of your class doing these activities on my Instagram - www.instagram.com/robynpapworth to receive my 125 play activities ebook for free.