Child development kindergarten content creation
Child development kindergarten content creation
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Child development kindergarten content creation

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We have a number of content creation options for you to help save you time and stress and spread awareness about the importance of:

* motor development

* play based learning

* messy play

* special needs support

with your early childhood community.


Send your classroom or play photos through via email, or you're welcome to use my selected images. I will then create content for your newsletter, Facebook posts, or communications with families:

* featuring your own photo/s

describing the developmental benefits of the play activity/set up,

* explaining ways to advance the activity to progress children's gross motor and/or fine motor skills


All photos will be placed into a password protected folder to protect children's privacy. Ideally please provide photos that don't have identifiable features (faces) of children.


Written content will be similar to my current topics found on my Play Move Improve Facebook page.


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