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CalmCompanions Visual Support Keyring for Autism & ADHD – Play-Based Social & Emotional Learning Tool

CalmCompanions Visual Support Keyring for Autism & ADHD – Play-Based Social & Emotional Learning Tool

Introducing the CalmCompanions Visual Support Keyring – an innovative tool designed to empower children with autism, ADHD, and developmental delays in navigating the challenges of a play-based environment or classroom. This thoughtfully crafted keyring contains six double-sided visual support cards, each designed to foster essential skills for social interaction and emotional regulation.

🎨 Engaging Visuals for Playful Learning: The vibrant and child-friendly visuals on each card are carefully created to capture the attention of young learners. With colourful illustrations and easy-to-understand icons, the CalmCompanions keyring transforms learning into a fun and interactive experience.

 Comprehensive Support for Every Situation: Our keyring covers a range of crucial scenarios, including taking turns, calming the body, working with mistakes, and stopping and waiting. These visuals serve as gentle reminders and cues to help children grasp and apply these fundamental social and emotional concepts in real-time. If you need custom keyrings for your lanyard let me know and I can create pretty much any design for you.

🌈 Double-Sided for Versatility: Each CalmCompanions keyring card is double-sided, offering versatility in addressing a variety of situations. Whether it's a reminder to pause and wait or a prompt to line up, the CalmCompanions keyring provides a comprehensive toolkit to support children in different scenarios.

🧠 Designed for Developmental Milestones: Grounded in research on child development, autism, and ADHD, the CalmCompanions keyring is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of children facing challenges in social and emotional domains. The visuals are carefully curated to align with developmental milestones, ensuring a supportive and effective learning experience.

🔗 Durable and Portable: Crafted with durability in mind, the CalmCompanions Visual Support Keyring is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The compact design and sturdy materials make it easy to carry in a pocket, backpack, or attach to a belt loop, ensuring that these essential tools are always within reach.

👩‍🏫 Perfect for Teachers and Parents: Whether you're an educator in a bustling classroom or a parent navigating the dynamics of playdates, the CalmCompanions keyring is your reliable ally. Use it as a visual aid during circle time, play sessions, or transitional periods to provide timely and effective support.

Unlock the potential for positive social interactions and emotional growth with the CalmCompanions Visual Support Keyring. Invest in a tool that goes beyond mere visuals – it's a gateway to a world where every child can thrive in the joy of learning and play.

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