Building reading skills through sensori-motor strategies
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Building reading skills through sensori-motor strategies

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This guide includes 104 play-based exercises that can be implemented in any classroom or home environment to improve the skills needed for reading and writing.


You will see an improvement in the children’s motor skills, including:

  • Visual-spatial processing
  • Visual tracking
  • Spatial awareness
  • Spatial relationships
  • Crossing the midline
  • Core strength
  • Fine motor development



The activities are colour coded into three different colours. All children need to start with the first coloured cards (green), then progress through to purple then navy blue. The reason for staging the activities, is because each stage of the program becomes more challenging and complex.


The green activity cards are building the foundation for visual-spatial and motor coordination. Then the navy blue cards start to put these fundamental skills into literacy practice.


The 104 activity cards, and printable resources used in these activities will be sent to you via dropbox. Please let me know if you would prefer it to be sent via google drive as this can also be arranged.