Robyn Papworth's 2024 Workshops FAQs

Who is Robyn Papworth?

Robyn Papworth is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Masters-qualified Developmental Educator, and Certified Trainer. She specialises in children's movement, developmental education (with a focus on autism, ADHD, and trauma), and conducts face-to-face workshops mostly throughout Melbourne, and online webinars all around the world.


What personal experiences inform Robyn's approach to her work?

Robyn has personal experience with PTSD, anxiety and ADHD and is also the mother of a son with dyspraxia. Her lived childhood trauma experiences contribute to her unique perspective and empathy in educating families, educators, teachers, and coaches worldwide with evidence based research in the areas of self-regulation, anxiety management and motor skill development.


What are the key areas of expertise that Robyn brings to her workshops?

Robyn's expertise covers a range of topics, including children's gross and fine motor skill development, sensory integration, and self-regulation. She also provides support for children facing challenges such as anxiety, ADHD, developmental delay, movement difficulties, trauma, cerebral palsy, and intellectual disability.


How do these workshops benefit participants?

Participants will gain knowledge and evidence-based strategies to support children's focus, attention, motor skills, play schema, self-regulation, developmental milestones, and special needs support.


When and where are these workshops conducted?

  • Workshop schedules and locations can vary.
  • Webinars and face to face workshops are available on a per person ticket basis under the upcoming webinars, Join Robyn tab on the website.
  • Teams can book in their own team webinar or face to face workshop (depending on your location). Simple contact Robyn via her socials or the Get in Touch tab on the website.


Is there a fee to attend these workshops?

  • Workshop fees vary depending on whether they are a pre-recorded or live webinar, or face to face event. Check out the Join Robyn or Webinar Recordings tabs for more information about current prices. Or contact Robyn for a quote if you would like a private session for your team.
  • Robyn's online and face to face workshops are currently being funded under the School Readiness Funding program (Victoria), Kindy Uplift Program (QLD).

    School Readiness Play Move Improve

  • Check out the Melbourne based services here
  • Check out the Victorian regional services here
  • Check out Kindy Uplift prices here


Are there any prerequisites to attend these workshops?

There are no specific prerequisites mentioned. The workshops are designed for educators, teachers, and families interested in childhood development. Robyn tailors all of the content to suit your needs.


How do these workshops align with the EYLF outcomes?

The workshops align with various EYLF outcomes, including supporting children's strong sense of identity, connection with their world, strong sense of well-being, confidence in learning, and effective communication skills.

  • Robyn's workshops incorporate self-regulation strategies, movement activities, and play-based learning. These activities help children develop a strong sense of identity by enhancing their self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem.
  • Robyn's workshops promote inclusivity and belonging by providing strategies for children with special needs. In addition, her play coaching strategies help children connect with their peers and community, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Through play-based strategies, Robyn's workshops develop strong social and emotional wellbeing. Robyn will teach you how to encourage children to learn to express themselves, build relationships, and manage their emotions. Additionally, sensory and movement activities enhance their connection with their physical bodies, promoting overall wellbeing.
  • Participants in Robyn's workshops gain valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied in various contexts. The workshops provide a solid foundation for educators, teachers, and families to support children's learning across different settings, ensuring that learning is transferred and adapted effectively.
  • Robyn's workshops encourage effective communication through both verbal and non-verbal interactions. Children learn to express themselves and collaborate with others, enhancing their communication skills in a play-based and movement-focused environment.


How can I contact Robyn Papworth for further inquiries or registration?

You can find contact information our website or contact Robyn through LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.