Play Move Improve early childhood speaker

Play Move Improve early childhood speaker

As a Masters qualified Developmental Educator, Exercise Physiologist, and certified Trainer, I have a large range of early learning and special needs training workshops suited to the needs of:

  • kindergarten teachers,
  • primary school teachers (foundation to grade 3)
  • education support staff, and
  • parents.


I love promoting the importance of movement, play, and connection through my play-based learning strategies and neuro-rehabilitation knowledge.




Below you will find a brief outline of my early childhood education keynote, guest speaker, and training workshop sessions.


My workshops are enthusiastic, inspiring, and thought provoking. Learners leave my workshop feeling empowered with ready to use strategies, and a new perspective about how children learn, move, and play.


Early Childhood Guest Speaker Sessions

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20 minutes to 2 hours - prices start at $180 per session

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • How technology is impacting children's learning and development

  • The motor skills that children need for learning and life

  • How to support children who have developmental delay, autism, or trauma in the classroom

  • Why play is important for children's learning and development

  • How to create play spaces that promote motor development

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2 Hour Professional Learning Workshops

early learning parent training workshop speaker

Prices start at $420 per session (unlimited attendees)

  • Certificate of completion included
  • Access to printable resources to use after the workshop

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Community Education Workshop

early learning professional development speaker

Prices start at $25 per session - session range from 20 minutes to 2 hours

  • Access to printable resources to use after the workshop

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Teacher and Educator Professional Learning Topics


teacher training professional learning speaker

Sensory play for preschoolers - theory and strategies for children

  • What are the 8 senses
  • What is sensory integration
  • How do senses impact children's learning and behaviour
  • How to set up engaging and age appropriate sensory play spaces


Developmental milestones and gross motor play

  • Motor development milestones for children aged 0 to 5 years
  • How to identify developmental 'red flags' - where to refer children when red flags are identified
  • Why gross motor development is crucial for fine motor development and academics
  • Simple strategies to encourage motor development in a learning environment


Fine motor fun - theory and strategies for children

  • Fine motor milestones from infancy to school age
  • How to improve children's fine motor skills for handwriting, scissor use, and life skills
  • How to identify typical fine motor development versus delayed fine motor development


Creating a calm classroom for children with autism

  • How to observe your classroom through an autistic lens
  • How to easily set up routines and strategies that children with autism will follow
  • How to support children with anxiety and challenging behaviours


Learning support strategies for children with developmental delay

  • How to identify typical versus delayed development
  • Strategies to improve children's focus and engagement
  • How to communicate with children who have learning delays


Contact me to book your upcoming workshop

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As you may already know, I travel Australia wide for my guest speaking events and training workshops. Prices do vary due to travel costs. However, feel free to contact me for a quote.

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'Robyn came out to Little Saints Pakenham and went through a training session with all my staff. What a fantastic night of laughter and learning new and interesting facts about children's development. My staff commented the best PD session they have been to in years. We also purchased the books which have been amazing.' 


More Testimonials

'I didn't consider the importance of my own senses and mindfulness. Thank you' ~ Sally (teacher)

'I have new questions to ask my students tomorrow' ~ Anthony (teacher)


'My favourite PD to date' ~ Angela (teacher)


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