Play Move Improve Developmental Screening Program

Play Move Improve Developmental Screening Program 

Play Move Improve Developmental Screening Program


The covid19 pandemic has made a lot of us have to be creative with how we provide early childhood services to children.


As a strategy to support early childhood teams and families I have created an online system where:

  • Teachers or educators can film children moving to one of my 7 minute early childhood movement videos (from a birds eye view, or wide screen view) and I can observe which children need additional practice or allied health support with their motor skill development
  • Teachers or educators can take photos or film children completing an outdoor, gross motor, fine motor, or sensory play activity (front on view as shown in the image below) that I have suggested for the team to record and I can then make further suggestions or recommendations to promote their development and learning
  • Setting up a livestream observation session where a laptop is positioned on a bench for 30 to 45 minutes while children are freely playing in an indoor or outdoor environment. I will be able to view children's developmental and learning needs via a private Zoom or Microsoft Teams link and provide feedback either during the livestream or at a later time during an online meeting with the team


Privacy is important to my family so all content is password protected and protected under my privacy policy


With parent's consent I can view the video and/or photo content and use video editing software to make recommendations and suggestions about the motor development and learning needs that I am observing in the video and/or photo content.


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Where necessary, I will write up recommendations for families who have children that need further assessment by an allied health professional.


While this is not the most ideal way to screen children's development, unfortunately I can't be in all classrooms at the moment due to covid, so I'm hoping that this online system will still ensure that children get the motor development screening that they need after months of being in lockdown.


What I love about this system is that rural areas can also make use of this technology as it is often hard to access allied health services from rural areas.


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To learn more about my new online screening program, or register your interest for the monthly membership of $129 per centre, per month, please contact me.

I can then send you a copy of the parent photo/video consent form, and a cover letter to explain the program to families.




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