Is my child behind in their development?

This is a question that I get asked frequently by devoted parents and my answer is... children's development is a pattern, not a race.


For example, some children learn how to babble and make sounds before learning how to walk, while other children learn how to run before being able to string two words together.


As a mum of 3 very different children, I walk you through the developmental milestones and stages from newborn to school age, and I help you to see your child's movement and play from a motor development perspective.


Along our journey together I share my experience as a mum with a child who has had developmental delays, and how we have come a very long way to help Hugh now be able to play basketball and keep up with this friends.


I review your photos and videos of your child's movement and play skills, and give you simple tips that you can do at home to give your child the best possible start to their development and learning.



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developmental milestones support program for families