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Early learning child motor development online training courses

My early learning training courses are LIVE!

If you're a primary school teacher, early learning educator, or education support worker then these child development learning courses have been designed specifically for you.


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* Reduce lesson planning time and stress

* Improve student engagement in your class

* Understand what to do for children who have developmental and learning difficulties


Become an empowered, upskilled, and confident teacher.




Learn how to support children with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours.


Our online training course topics include:

  • Education children through movement and play
    • Developmental milestones for the first two years (zero to two years)
    • Developmental milestones for ages 3 to 5 years
    • School readiness strategies
    • Gross motor activities and assessment ideas
    • and many more...

  • Fine motor development for children
    • The fundamental stages of fine motor development
    • Fine motor assessment ideas
    • Strategies for developing pincer grip
    • Strategies for improving scissor use
    • Fine motor strategies for improving handwriting

  • Sensory play for improving learning outcomes
    • What are the 7 senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, vestibular, and proprioception?
    • How does the brain interpret sensation?
    • Why is sensation important for learning?
    • How to identify your own basic sensory profile, as well as the sensory profile of the children that you care for
    • Play based strategies for improving sensory integration

  • Supporting children with autism in the classroom
    • How to support children's learning and behavioural needs in the classroom
    • How to assess the classroom environment for a child with autism
    • Strategies for primary school aged children with autism
    • How to set goals for children with autism
    • Behavioural resources for children with autism
    • Self care for people who care for a child with autism


Save hours on your lesson planning with my printable resources, morning circle routines, and transition ideas.


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