Early childhood special needs and motor development training

Discover ways to use play and movement to improve children's learning and development with paediatric Exercise Physiologist and certified trainer Robyn Papworth




My online Early Learning Movement and Play training course helps early childhood educators, teachers, and families to:

  • Learn about the key motor developmental milestones that children need for their learning, development, and life skills
  • Set up simple play and movement strategies in to your daily routines to promote children's motor development
  • Discover ways to support children with learning difficulties or developmental delays by working on their gross motor and fine motor development
  • Help children with challenging behaviours by giving their body and mind an outlet for their frustration


Other topics that I have created courses for include:

* How to create an active classroom without the chaos (primary school years)

* Sensory play for children

* Supporting children with trauma through movement, art, and play

* Supporting children with autism in the classroom



For quick training videos rather than an online course format view my range of training recordings here




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